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Plodding On ...

We spent most of yesterday with the wind just abaft the beam, by about. 1500 I stowed the mainsail and we carried on running on only the jib. Mostly at around 3 knots. The 24 hour run to Noon yesterday was 81 and at that time we had 827 miles to Campbeltown.

Recipe from Katharine: (See Picture)

‘Actually, if you have an oven - something else that is delicious is called Rakott Krumpli, and it is similar to Tiroler Grostl but needs an oven – ¾ cook the potatoes, hard boil some eggs, salami chunklets, slice onion. Fry the onions and salami chunklets to get some grease out of the salami, and maybe add some oil to give the dish some nice salami-tasting oil for the next bit. In an oven dish, you slice the potatoes and layer them with onion and salami, then layer of potato, then eggs and then again etc. Add lots of pepper and salt and then cover with UHT milk – Hungarians use the telfol (sour cream, yoghurt stuff) but I think the milk should work too. Pour the salami grease over the top of everything and then put in the oven to bubble away and to finish the potato cooking. Should be quite yummy too. Hope it works with milt too, should do, as dauphinoise potatoes use milk I think? Anyway just an idea, but don’t feel you have to do it to please me! I am sure your salami needs to be treasured, but it will make the rest flavourful I am sure.’

I pretty much followed the above instructions but my salami doesn’t seem very fatty, I added some chorizo which was. I cooked the potatoes 3/4 in milk thinking it might like the starch and put sprinkled paprika and butter on top. It came out a little burned at the edges but really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Better than the Tiroler Grostl even though it didn’t have a delicious fried egg on top.

I tried to move the shrouds around a little yesterday so that the rubbing point at the top of the mast was moved but can’t with the mast up and it’s a bit of a palaver raising it so having noted that the equivalent bit at the bottom was not wearing decided to leave it as be for the moment. The fixing point at the bottom is a biggish shackle on the toe rail because the toe rail itself is quite sharp, and I used the shackle to reduce wear, at the top it’s through an alloy fitting which isn’t sharp but has a smaller radius than the shackle. I will probably plan to lower the mast before we close the coast for an inspection and to change things if needed.

Plodding on.

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