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Overpriced Coffee - Everything is awesome!

Breakfast should have been pain au chocolats from a restaurant across the water but as pain au chocolat was off the menu we ended up with apple thingys and raspberry and custard tarts. We had expected them at 0800 we saw the Geoff the frenchman wandering around at about then, we hailed him, he came aboard, he asked if we wanted to order stuff, we said ‘ we were rather expecting sfuff from him already’ he said, when did you order it, from whom, and we showed him the rather involved text trail from the previous night, he said, but.. that is my number - in a french accent, anyway 15 minutes later the breakfast duly arrived. It was very good, priced similarly to 9 US dollar coffee. About an hour later he arrived again trying to give us sandwiches, we hadn’t ordered these and he took them, hopefully, to whoever had ordered them.

We  went for a great walk out to the point then up over the hill to Falmouth harbour which has changed a lot since I was last here, we had a good lunch at Bar-Bs and then wandered back via the supermarket and a local market where we bought some tee shirts. I went to the sailmaker and my sail should be ready first thing this morning.

After a look at the spinnaker pole I went to the skipper’s initial brief and chatted to the other Bowman people and then saw Matt from The Blue Peter who had first got me started on the classic yacht circuit back in Imperia about 20 plus years ago. We had a drink at the corner bar before heading to the opening party in our smart crew uniforms that Katharine and Martin had had made for the team. We chatted to loads of people there and a girl who had worked on Yemaya in Falmouth came up and introduced herself,

Drinks and nibbles flowed we met lots of interesting people, often with mutual friends, the party broke up and we returned for dinner aboard along with a round or two of Bridge.

Hopefully the sail will be ready early this morning for us to put up and we’ll have a happy day on the water, the course has been shortened already due to lack of wind.


Jock and the Bridge team.

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