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A bit late with this today, sorry. Image: Baldy sewing. I

Doing my final rounds last night I noticed a patch on the jib which has been wearing on the pulpit. I used a sail tie to keep it clear last night and this morning pulled it down, gave it a fresh water rinse, wiped it down and left it in cockpit to dry in the breeze / sun. Meanwhile I cut out a patch of sticky backed sail repair material. When I judged the sail to be dry, I carefully put the patch over the damaged area on the foot (as is) of the sail (it would have been the leach had it been set as intended - Sorry Lyd,) folding it over so it was on both sides of the sail. I remember using similar sticky stuff on Blue Leopard on a sail and having peeled the backing off needed both hands to make the sail flat again, I stuck the sail repair cloth to my lip temporarily to keep it out of the way, smoothed the sail took the cloth from my lip, and the thing tore a chunk off my lip. That’s the sort of stickiness one wants on these occasions. Unfortunately it looks like the stuff I was using today had been covered in the kind of glue that is used on post it notes, it didn’t want to stick at all. It’s possible it wasn’t as dry as I’d thought, in any event I made it as good as I could and then ran a double layer of stitches all around the edge before re setting it. I’m hopeful that it’ll do the job, particularly if I’m careful and don’t allow it to rub on the pulpit again. If not I have more sail repair material from a different source, maybe it’s stickier.

Yesterday we ran with both sails up all day, a couple of times the wind came a bit aft and the jib didn’t want to fly because of turbulence from the main but as it was only mini squalls passing through I lived with it until the clouds / squalls had passed. We had a comfortable night, and were still doing 3 knots this morning. With the sail down for repairs we were down to 2+ knots but are back up to 3+ again now that I’ve re set it.

Macaroni cheese with tinned peas for dinner last night and leftovers for lunch today on some toast. Curried Neap again tonight and, if the weather is conducive, tomorrow a new recipe from Katharine involving the oven, it’s a Hungarian dish. I’ll add some paprika which isn’t in the recipe but feels like it should be.

Numbers: We did 63 miles noon to noon yesterday and yesterday noon to today we did 79. We have 907 miles to run to Campbeltown with another 30 to home. Wind is still WxN and we’re still running with both sails up.

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