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Feeling Better

Morning all,

I’m not using the keyboard this morning so shouldn’t be missing out letters but may give up early as typing on the screen is not so easy.

A better night, we still had gusty winds and as Im not racing and also keen to be gentle on Yemaya, I left a couple of reefs in the main and only the staysail out ‘til it seemed that the horrible seas had died down. By about 0400 I had the genoa out and full sail again by 0600. The wind had veered, as expected, so we were easily clearing the Bishop Rock and associated Clerks, as the autopilot was making a bit of a fist of it I was up, giving her a hand and rewarded myself with a hot cocoa, not something I often hanker after but my parents used to enjoy it on night watches. It was welcomely warming on a clear, coldish autumn morning. The wind then backed to the SW, and we ended up heading for Penllechwen for a few hours whilst I willed ot to veer Wly again. Eventually, about an hour ago, it did and we are now, close hauled on the starboard tack and, again just clearing the Bishops.

Ive managed to download proper weather for the first time but only because I have a 4g sig continuenal. I dont know if any boffins there can help me but when I try to download weather on the ‘predictwind offshore’ app, via the satelite it looks good, all the lines go blue, a tick appears at the end of each line but when I close the download page and go to the grib map it says map 48 (or whatever) hours old -it hasn’t updated. However if I click on the tables tab, then hat has updated, so I can see what to expect en route but cant see the overall picture, most frustrating. There is a help article and Ive done allthat they ask, turning off other wifi signals etc. I had hoped that updating the app might help, however if I go to the appstore it just allows me to open it not update it so I think that it must be up to There is a help facility in predictwind but I cant access it offline, ill try in a minute as I have a signal but they normally take a couple of days to reply so may not receive it.

If you are tracking me I am now on, which you probably all know already,

Aha, some sun, so some charge fir he batteries without the engine, splendid, long may it continue.

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Bishops Rock always reminds me of Blue Peter and the close shave Lesley Judd had when scanning it via a dodgy zip line. I hope you get a bit of respite and that you can dry out the cabin and yourself for a bit. Great to see your location again after a long stint off Dublin that we were all hooked on! Xxx


Anne Slinger
Anne Slinger
Sep 21, 2023

Onward towards more yellow in the sky things!😀


Sue Brooks
Sue Brooks
Sep 21, 2023

Morning Jock, good to hear from you. Hope you used the squirty cream on the hot chocolate.

As your spelling is starting to rival mine, have you tried dictating instead of typing?

Looking forward to lots more mansplaining after your appeal for technical support. 😁

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