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Well I’m not going to use the keyboard today for fear of rogue splashes. Currently it’s 1100 and blowing 25 kts, or old boots in more alliterative terms. It is from the North and we have a double reefed main and triple reefed genoa and are doing 8 knots most of the time. It’s been blowing quite hard since sundown yesterday at which time Stephen ticked a final box on his astro navigation exercise list by getting an amplitude- a simple compass error when the sun is just about to set. It turned out all was well in the universe with the sun being where it was supposed to be and yesterday also turned out to be a good day for his morning sight with noon latitude with a sensible position at the end, he is almost getting to the stage where he doesn’t make many mistakes.

Dinner last night was a butternut curry which was better than I was expecting and my bread yesterday worked fine which we had for lunch with some tuna and coleslaw.

On Stephens watch last night a flying fish leaped into the sprayhood and bounced up, this morning I found scales on the sail cover so he had obviously used the sprayhood as a bit of a trampoline to achieve more air. I must remember when it is calmer to ensure that he is  not quietly rotting inside the sail cover.

Yesterday’s wildlife sighting, apart from a few herds of dolphin, was a red footed booby, he seemed quite aerobatic and I don’t know but suspect he was hunting flying fish because he would be flying along and suddenly make a very tight turn and dive for the surface but without going under like his cousin the gannet, we never actually saw him take a fish so it’s all supposition on our part.

It’s almost noon so we are wondering whether it will be a new record but supposing it probably won’t be, however we will have 25 hours tomorrow to try for one because we are putting the clocks back again at noon today.

I managed to stuff up the odometer on the chartplotter when I thought Inwas resetting a trip that I didn’t even realise that i had but actually reset the main odometer that I was using. I now have to do sums to get the daily mileage.

It was 172 so not that close to a record but a very satisfactory distance all the same.

If you'd like to email us at sea via Yemaya's satellite phone, please sign up to the site and we'll send you the email address. And if anyone is sending anything attachments don’t work they just go into a ‘large file’ box for retrieval later once the ipad is on 4g or similar.

Bye for now

Jock and the gang

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